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Autobahn, Sunday drive, US highway, acceleration, activity, actuate, advance, advance against, advance upon, adventuresomeness, adventurousness, aggravated assault, aggression, aggressiveness, airing, alley, alleyway, allude to, ambition, ambitiousness, amperage, amphibious attack, angle, animate, appeal, appliance, approach, ardor, armed assault, armipotence, army, arterial, arterial highway, arterial street, artery, assailing, assailment, assault, attack, authority, auto, automatic response, autoroute, autostrada, avenue, bait the hook, bang, banzai attack, barnstorm, be responsible for, bear, bear down upon, bear off, bear upon, beat, beef, belt highway, beset, bicycle, bike, bind, bite, bitingness, black power, blind alley, blind impulse, blitz, blitzkrieg, bob, boost, bore, boulevard, bowl, brain wave, brainstorm, breakthrough, brute force, buck, bull, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bunch, bunt, burden, burrow, burst, bus, bustle, busy, butt, butt against, bypass, byway, cage, camino real, campaign, carriageway, carry on, carry out, carry through, catch a train, cause, cause to, causeway, causey, charge, charioteer, charisma, chase, chauffeur, chaussee, circumferential, clam, close, clout, coerce, cogence, cogency, colony, commitment, compel, compulsion, concupiscence, conduct, constrain, constraint, control, convenience, copilot, corduroy road, corral, counterattack, counteroffensive, county road, coup de main, course, court, cram, crescent, crippling attack, crowd, crusade, cul-de-sac, curiosity, cuttingness, cycle, dap, dash, dead set at, dead-end street, deal with, delve, demand, descent on, desideration, desire, determination, dib, dibble, dig, dig out, dike, dint, direct, dirt road, dive, diversion, diversionary attack, dog, dredge, drift, drift off course, drill, drive at, drive on, driveway, driving force, drove, duress, dynamism, eagerness, effect, effectiveness, effectuality, effort, egg, elbow, energy, enforce, engine, enginery, enterprise, enterprisingness, enthusiasm, entrain, excavate, excursion, exhort, exigency, expedition, expressway, facility, fag, faith, falcon, fall down, fancy, fantasy, fetch away, fire, fish, fixture, flank, flank attack, flash, fleeting impulse, flock, flower power, flurry, flush, flutter, fly, fly-fish, follow the hounds, force, force majeure, forcefulness, forge ahead, forward, fowl, freeway, frontal attack, full blast, full force, furrow, gam, gang, gas, gas attack, get at, get-up-and-get, get-up-and-go, getaway, getup, gig, ginger, give an impetus, give momentum, go, go ahead, go all out, go by rail, go fishing, go hunting, go-ahead, go-getting, go-to-itiveness, goad, gouge, gouge out, grave, gravel road, great cause, grig, grip, groove, grub, guddle, guide, gumption, gun, gut response, guts, hammer, handle, haste, have, have in mind, hawk, head-on attack, helter-skelter, herd, high-pressure, highroad, highway, highways and byways, hint at, hold, hold the reins, holy war, hope, horme, host, hound, hunt, hunt down, hurry, hurry-scurry, hurtle, hustle, impel, impellent, impelling force, impetus, imply, impressiveness, impulse, impulsion, incentive, incisiveness, incite, incitement, indicate, induce, industry, infatuate, infiltrate, infiltration, influence, initiative, inspiration, instigate, instinct, intellectual curiosity, intend, interest, interstate highway, intimate, involuntary impulse, irresistible force, issue, jab, jack, jacklight, jam, jig, jihad, jog, joggle, jolt, jostle, journey, joyride, keenness, keep busy, kennel, kick, lane, lash, launch an attack, libido, lifework, lift, lightning attack, lightning war, litter, local road, lower, lunge, lust for learning, machine, machinery, main drag, main force, main road, main strength, make, make a train, make go, make leeway, make things hum, mana, manage, maneuver, manipulate, march against, march upon, mass attack, mass movement, mean, mechanical aid, mechanical device, mechanism, megadeath, mews, might, might and main, mightiness, mind, mine, mobilize, moil, moment, momentum, mordancy, motivate, motive power, motor, motorcycle, motorway, mount an attack, move, movement, moxie, mugging, muscle power, natural impulse, need, nervosity, nervousness, net, not let go, notion, nudge, oblige, obsess, offense, offensive, onset, onslaught, open an offensive, operate, oppress, outing, overdrive, overkill, overtask, overtax, overwork, pack, panzer warfare, parkway, passion, pave, paved road, pay off, pedal, peel off, pep, pepper, perform on, persistence, pickup, pike, pile drive, pilot, pinch, piss and vinegar, pitch, pizzazz, place, plank road, play, pleasure, pleasure principle, plunge, pod, poignancy, poke, pole, poop, possess, potence, potency, potentiality, pound, power, power pack, power plant, power source, power structure, power struggle, powerfulness, practice, preoccupy, prepotency, press, press on, pressure, prick, pride, primary highway, principle, private road, proceed, prod, productiveness, productivity, propel, propelling, propelment, propulsion, prowl after, puissance, pull, pulsion, punch, punch cattle, push, pushfulness, pushiness, pushing, pushingness, put in motion, quarry, quick hunch, quickening, race, ram, ram down, rash impulse, rattle, reason for being, refer to, reflex, require, restrain, ride, ride herd on, ride to hounds, right-of-way, ring road, road, roadbed, roadway, roll, round up, route nationale, row, royal road, run, run against, run at, rush, sag, sally, sap, scamper, school, scoop, scoop out, scrabble, scramble, scrape, scratch, scurry, scuttle, see to, seine, send, set agoing, set going, set in motion, sexual desire, shake, shepherd, shikar, shoal, shock tactics, shoot, shoot ahead, shoulder, shove, shovel, shoving, shrimp, shunt, sic, sinew, sinewiness, sink, skulk, sloth, snap, solo, sortie, spade, speed, speedup, speedway, spin, spirit, sport, spunk, spur, stab, stalk, stamp, starch, start, state highway, steam, steer, step lively, step-up, stick, still-fish, still-hunt, strain, street, strength, stress, strike, strive, strong arm, strong language, sudden thought, suggest, superhighway, superiority, superpower, sweat, sweep, sweep along, take a joyride, take care of, take the helm, tamp, task, tax, taxi, terrace, thirst for knowledge, thoroughfare, through street, thrust, thruway, tie, toil, toll road, tool, torch, tour, township road, track, trail, travel, trawl, treadle, trench, trenchancy, trip, troll, troop, trough, trundle, tug, tunnel, turn, turnpike, unprovoked assault, up-and-comingness, urge, urgency, use force upon, utility, validity, vehemence, velocity, venturesomeness, venturousness, verve, vigor, vigorousness, vim, virility, virtue, virulence, vitality, want, wanting, war, wattage, weight, whale, wheel, whip, whip on, whirl, will, will and pleasure, wish, wish fulfillment, work, wrangle, wynd, yaw, yaw off, zeal, zing, zip

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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